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All New Fortuner


All New Fortuner


  • BEYOND EXTERIOR. The New prominent leaders. Discover the all new driving experience pleasure and performance
  • New TRD Front Bumper Spoiler & Grille Design. The new design to enhance your Fortuner’s daring yet stylish driving experience (TRD type)
  • New TRD Sportivo Sticker. Crafted proudly with attention to the bold exterior look (TRD type)
  • New TRD Alloy Wheel. An Impeccable combination of precision, style, and also performance (TRD type)
  • Kick Sensor. Designed for your enhanced convenience when about to open the backdoor (TRD type)
  • Auto Folding Mirror. Electric retractable mirror equipped with LED & Welcome Light (All type)



  • BEYOND INTERIOR. The Fortuner comes with stylish interior that strongly projects prestige
  • Steering Wheel. Take full control of your journey with tilt & telescoptic steering. Built with audio and telephone control through voice recognition. (All Type)
  • Spacious 7 Seater with Comfortable Seat Design. Features dark brown leather with new sporty seat design to ensure maximum comfort. (TRD, SRZ, VRZ Type)
  • Cabin Lamp. Distinctive ambient light with silver ornament. (All Type)
  • 6 Speed A/T Sport Sequential Switchmatic. Advanced transmission system. Higher excitement in smooth driving and total control with heightened efficiency. (All A/T Type)