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All New Rush


All New Rush


  • BEYOND EXTERIOR. Increasingly impressive and dynamic Sporty Exterior Design.
  • Advanced Tech LED Headlamp. Strong presence with state-of-the-art line guide LED (All Type)
  • Dashing Dark Chrome Grille. Remarkable entrance with daring front look (All Type)
  • Tough Front TRD Underguard. Take on the road with solid strength and dominating appeal (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Striking Side Moulding. Bold impression for a captivating side exterior (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Integrated LED Rear Combination Lamp. Cutting-edge vehicle illumination system (All Type)
  • Sturdy Rear TRD Underguard. Journey without boundary with attractively rugged rear guard (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Smart Entry. Unlock new adventures with ease (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Bold 17″ Machining Alloy Wheel. Innovative design with attitude (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Bold 16″ Machining Alloy Wheel. Innovative design with attitude (G Type)



  • BEYOND INTERIOR. Modern and dashing look as well as maximum comfort while driving
  • Distinctive Soft. Touch Dashboard Dynamic two-tone aesthetic
    with premium modern design (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Sophisticated Head Unit. Advanced excitement in every journey (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Stunning Combination Meter. Visually attractive and informative display panel (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Auto A/C With Digital Display. Precision-controlled air flow to cruise in perfect comfort (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Comfortable Tilt Steering. Adjustable steering wheel for comfortable driving and confident control (All Type)
  • Smart Start/Stop Engine Button. Begin your freedom with a simple touch (All Type)
  • Power Slot On Every Row. Constant convenience for your everyday essentials (TRD Sportivo Type)
  • Rear Parking Camera. Ensure a safer and easier way to park (All Type)
  • 8 Surround Sound Speakers. High end audio system for superior pleasure (TRD Sportivo Type)



  • BEYOND SAFETY. The comfort of passengers is a great concern for Toyota All New Rush to provide maximum standard for comfort
  • Protective 6 SRS Airbags (All Type)
  • Solid Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) (All Type)
  • Assuring 7 Seat Belt Indicators (All Type)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) (All Type)
  • Secured Hill-Start Assist (HSA) (All Type)
  • Emergency Brake Signal (EBS) (All Type)



  • BEYOND PERFORMANCE. Feel the ultimate driving experience with a fuel efficient and proven tough Dual VVT-i engine performance
  • Dual VVT-i Engine. Fully liberating urban driving experience (All Type)